"Elevate from the norm..."


A Straightforward Approach

Elevated Meeting Solutions has a straightforward approach to designing and creating meetings and event experiences...make it simple and efficient with elevated service delivery and results.  

We have a team of highly talented performers ready and prepared to support your event with a wide range of experience and services.  We customize our services to your meeting and event with a single point of contact and provide measurable solutions that will make every event a special experience.

The Elevated culture is one of passion, trust and high performance with clear communication from a dedicated, enthusiastic team of professionals.  We focus on the details that make every meeting and event successful.
Next time you need support for your event get Elevated, and “Elevate from the norm!”


What we're all about

  • Site Search, Selection and Contract Negotiations

  • Housing & Registration Management

  • Event Management

  • Mobile Event Apps

  • Strategic Meetings

  • Virtual Event Management


World-Class Partners

Behind every successful event is a group of partners that collaborate and execute the program and Elevated Meeting Solutions has a prestige group of alliances that have experience and proven results. Not only do we partner with most of the familiar brands but we also collaborate with some fresh faces in the industry that bring new unique ideas and concepts to your event.


Elevated will always continue to be your main contact when working with any of our alliances without any additional expense or increase to your budget.

Elevated Leadership


Chief Elevation Officer

Las Vegas Office



Interested in joining

the team?

Looking for more than just working from home and managing your own business?  If so it’s time to join the Elevated Team.  Elevated Meeting Solutions provides a culture of inclusion and diversity that works hard and has fun doing it.  We believe in continuous improvement and challenging each other to not only be better professionals, but better people.  We welcome anyone that has the drive to provide the utmost level of service delivery and has the life balance approach that creates real success in producing meetings and events.  We are not interested in “the norm”, but only to get “Elevated”!


Contact us and see what we can offer you on the Elevated team!


 “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” 



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10624 S. Eastern Ave. Ste A – 591
Henderson, NV 89052


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10624 S. Eastern Ave. Ste A – 591  |  Henderson, NV 89052  |  702-591-3854  |  info@elevatedmeetings.com